Acro Tumbling Overview

Dancers enrolled in Etoile’s Acro Tumbling program will advance through a combination of strength training, conditioning, and acrobatics by building a strong foundational skill set. These fundamentals will carry them to more advanced Acro feats. Acro class format generally begins with stretching, moves through progressions down the mat, and finishes up with individual instruction and spotting assistance for new tricks. Each level will perform one costumed Acro Tumbling routine in Etoile’s year-end showcase.


Class Levels

Level I, Kindergarten - Grade 2

Students at this level will work on improving flexibility and building strength as they begin with the fundamentals of Acro and work towards more advanced skills. With the use of mats and props students begin to master pencil rolls, forward rolls, crab walks, back rolls, pushing up into a bridge, touching toes to head and cartwheels. As students master these skills they are then coached through mastering headstands, handstands, and backbends. In addition to building this skill set an emphasis is placed on developing coordination and balance.

Level II, GRADES 3-5

Dancers will continue to improve upon skills, flexibility, strength and technique learned in level one. Progression at this level is seen as students master one-handed cartwheels, round offs, front limbers, and back walkovers. As students advance through these skills an introduction is made to running tricks such as running cartwheels, round offs and front handsprings. An emphasis is placed on fusing jazz technique and lyrical gymnastics, ultimately creating cohesion between dance elements and gymnastic elements.

Level III, GRADES 6-8

Students at this level begin to shift in to more advanced tricks while still utilizing the fundamentals established in levels I and II. Combinations of principal movements and tricks challenge students to improve upon coordination and fusing the techniques. Tricks such as front tucks, elbow stands, shoulder stands and hand walks are taught and mastered. Performance quality is emphasized through the synthesis of lyrical acrobatics, Jazz technique, stylistic movement choices and attention to dynamics and musical accompaniment.

Level IV, GRADES 9-12

Our most advanced level of Acro progresses through the basics and adds to their skill set by working on side aerials, front aerials, back tucks, valdez and a number of other specialty tricks. At this level performance quality is mastered and students are challenged to make stylistic choices while maintaining technique.




  • Black Leotard, Black Dance Shorts, Black Sports Bra, Black Gymnastics Leotard
  • Hair should be pulled back away from dancer's face (if long, please wear in pony tail or bun)
  • Tan Stirrup or Convertible Tights
  • no shoes required