Ballet Overview

Ballet classes serve as the core foundation for all dancers who are serious about their dance training and technique. At Etoile, students will learn the fundamentals of Classical Ballet primarily from the Cecchetti Method. In beginner level classes, students will spend time learning proper terminology so they can be more confident in their movement, in class participation, and in their role as students. Ballet terminology is universal. Your child will have the courage to take class in a different environment, and the adaptability to learn from multiple teachers, as a result of this early work. In more advanced levels of Ballet, we will continue to enforce proper terminology as we transition students into seasoned performers with strong technical ability. Class format and curriculum will model those of Classical Ballet. Classes will begin at the ballet barre, progress to center work, and finish with across the floor exercises. Each level will perform one costumed ballet piece in Etoile’s year end performance! 


Class Levels

Level I, Grades 1-3

Dancers demonstrate an increasing vocabulary of movement as they complete this first level of Ballet. An understanding of the technique is reflected in the ability to coordinate simple movements, to produce combinations of steps, and to demonstrate precision and control. Students communicate an increasing confidence in performance. They are able to interpret music and display sensitivity to musical content and style. Dancers’ performances show a developing spatial awareness, an ability to work with others, and responsiveness to an audience.

Level II, Grades 4-5

Dancers demonstrate consolidated technical skills and an increased range of movement in sequences of increased length and complexity. They show a clear understanding of mechanics and purpose of the required vocabulary. Students show the ability to sustain an appropriate sense of style throughout more complex sequences and an increased sensitivity to varying musical qualities. Technical facility and improved spatial awareness lead to an increased assurance of presentation.

Level III, Grades 6-8

Dancers demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the vocabulary through a wide range of movement performed with technical strength. Along with confidence, students convey self-awareness, resulting in a sensitive personal interpretation of musical mood. Dancers demonstrate a mature awareness of audience, as well as subtleties of performance. These skills are combined with expression and fluidity of movement, requiring the use of dynamics and space.

Level IV, GRADES 9-12

Dancers are able to demonstrate additional elements of vocabulary and/or technique required by progression. Engaging the audience, they communicate their interpretation effectively (both solo and in a group performance) with evidence of personal style and technical mastery. Students can also apply a broad knowledge and understanding of Ballet technique across all genres. They learn to appreciate their technical training at this level.



  • Black Leotard 
  • Hair in Neat Bun
  • Pink Tights
  • SO DANCA Girls/Womens "Bliss" Stretch Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Shoes (style #SD16C and #SD16)

*Ballet Skirt/Shorts can be worn in colder months for first few barre exercises only

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