Contemporary Overview

The art form of contemporary dance is a bit of a fusion of ballet, modern, and jazz inspired movements. Etoile’s contemporary curriculum fosters students' creativity, improvisation, and mastery of expressive movement through all levels. Classes begin with a warm-up and stretch, followed by various artistic exercises, progressions across the floor, and contemporary choreography. Each level will perform one costumed Contemporary piece in Etoile's year-end showcase.


Class Levels

Level I, GRADES 1-3

Dancers in this level will focus on gaining strength, flexibility, coordination and technique as it pertains to Contemporary dance. Emphasis is placed on expressing one’s creativity through movement and developing improvisational skills. Students will attain competency in contemporary movements with directional and level changes as well as weight transfer and balance. At this level spatial and body awareness is achieved through group and individual exercises. Our goal is to guide students in level one to be confident and expressive performers in the studio and on the stage.

Level II, GRADES 4-5

Students in this level continue to develop flexibility and focus on conditioning various muscle groups to enhance technique and performance quality. The dancers will continue to improve upon improvisational skills as attention to movement quality is introduced. Strong emphasis is placed on alignment, perfecting steps and choreography created by the instructor as well as by students. An appreciation for contemporary dance is fostered through the incorporation of historical lessons on choreographers that are influential to the style.

Level III, GRADES 6-8

Dancers are challenged to learn and perform teacher and student choreographed exercises with attention to technical aspects as well as stylistic choices. Flexibility, alignment and conditioning continue to be improved upon. The use of breath work and dynamics are introduced to further advance movement quality. Students continue to learn about the history of contemporary and experiment with various movement styles of influential contemporary choreographers.

Level IV, GRADES 9-12

Dancers at this level hone their technique and performance quality as it pertains to contemporary dance. Skills learned in the previous three levels are mastered and synchrony of all elements can be observed. Students learn to constructively evaluate their own technique as well as performance quality. At this level students have a firm understanding of contemporary history and value observation, experimentation and improvisation as they relate to contemporary dance.  



  • Black Leotard, Black Dance Shorts, Black Sports Bra
  • Hair pulled back in ponytail (if long, please wear in a bun)
  • Tan Convertible tights
  • No Shoes Required

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