Jazz Overview

A jazz class at Etoile is an energetic and exhilarating class of rhythmic movement. One of the reasons children love this form of dance is the highly energetic and motivational music that is used. The class begins with a safe and effective warm-up to develop strength, balance, and flexibility. Students will learn specific movement skills that will help them to feel and identify with the music. The class will serve to expand and nurture the dancer’s creative talent. Besides the fun of movement, the dancers will learn discipline through participation in the classroom structure and mutual respect for their fellow students. Each level will perform one costumed Jazz dance in Etoile’s year end performance.

*All students enrolled in Jazz must also be enrolled in Ballet, to ensure a greater knowledge of technique and the concepts that define the Jazz style.


Class Levels

Level I, grades 1-2

This level is significant because it builds the foundation of the dancer. Dance is still fun, but technique is taught along the way. The instructor will carefully combine technical elements with fun in class to advance the dancers. This level will emphasize ample repetition while keeping the classroom active and entertaining to keep their attention and develop a love for dance.

Level II, grades 3-5

If a dancer completes the Level I program, he/she obviously enjoys dancing and performing. At this level, dancers are presented with more technical explanations and challenges. Body alignment is addressed in every class in this level. Dancers should begin to understand the importance of the center for balance, control, and jazz style. They should be able to feel different muscle groups engage. Warm-up in Level II will include more extensive contract and release exercises along with the different articulations of the spine (bending forward/backward, laterally to the right/left, twisting right/left and spiraling). Added challenges will be applied to technical movements used to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and isolations. Repetition continues to be an important factor in this level.

Level III, grades 6-8

Level III is a continuation of Level II curriculum. Dancers in Level III know how to warm up and understand its importance. They have started to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Dancers will begin to understand more complex work and coordinated movement. They will be able to execute multi-layering isolations and feel posture, placement, and alignment.

Level IV, grades 9-12

The advanced dancer has arrived at a stage of proficiency both technically and emotionally. He/she is confident of achievements and is goal-oriented. These dancers listen when the teacher speaks, and use corrections as tools to advance their technique. They approach their work in an open, mature, and responsible manner. They can express feelings and individuality through movement. They are able to learn, memorize and respond quickly. They are able to comprehend and execute instruction and choreography from all teachers.



  • Black Leotard, Black Dance Shorts, Black Sports Bra
  • Hair Pulled back away from dancer's face (if long, please wear in pony tail or bun)
  • Tan Stirrup Tights
  • BODY WRAPPERS Leather Lyrical Shoe (style #621C and #621A) in Jazzy Tan

You can find all items here