Twinkle Toes Program

Twinkle Toes is designed for young dancers aged 2 to 4 years old. These thirty minute to one hour classes are created with the child’s age, physical and mental capabilities taken into consideration. This enables students to grow and learn at age appropriate levels. The following classes are included in the Twinkle Toes Program:


Our youngest students begin their exploration of dance through creative movement centered activities and the introduction of Ballet and Tap styles. The first thirty minutes is dedicated to Tap while the second half of class is dedicated to Ballet. These classes play an important role in developing a wide range of ability at this young age, including but not limited to locomotor and non-locomotor body movements, effective listening, expressive motions, discipline, and interpersonal skills. Each class for ages 2 and 3 will perform one costumed routine (tap or ballet to be determined by faculty) in Etoile’s showcase. Age 4 classes will perform  a costumed Ballet AND Tap routine in the year-end show.



  • Any leotard and short/skirt combo (please wear dance attire!)

  • Hair pulled back away from dancer's face (if long, please wear in pony tail or bun)

  • Pink, White or Tan Footed Tights

  • CAPEZIO Tan Buck Tap shoes (style #3800C) SO DANCA Pink Ballet slippers (style #BA14C or #BA90C)

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