Etoile has a specific dress code for all of our classes. The dress code is designed to take distractions away and allow our dancers to focus on learning. Dancers who are properly fitted in dance attire will not be distracted by their clothing. They shouldn't be concerned about their hair. Dancers who look like dancers start to feel like dancers. It can also help remind children that they are part of a group. It is easier for the teacher and students to spot mistakes. Dancers who are dressed appropriately are more confident. A teacher can focus all of his/her attention on the students rather than what they are wearing. It's a win for everyone. If you have ANY questions about our dress code, please don't hesitate to call, email, or catch someone at the front desk.

Etoile is proudly served by

broadway dance boutique

454 Washington Street, Norwell, MA 02061

Shoe sizing nights for Etoile Studio Members will take place at Broadway Dance Boutique on THURSDAY, AUGUST 15TH + WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH FROM 4 - 7 PM

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